Minsk on wheels

I’m not sure of the petrol consumption or propensity to pollute of the old Volga models, but they look tough.

Minsk has plenty of examples of the GAZ-24 (1968-92). Here’s a newer one (note the plastic grille and recessed door handles):

Volga (GAZ-24-10), Minsk

And an older one, in particularly fine shape:

Volga (GAZ-24), Minsk

Volga (GAZ-24), Minsk

Volga (GAZ-24), Minsk

Here’s a still older model (1962-70), a GAZ-21:

Volga (GAZ-21), Minsk

Volga (GAZ-21), Minsk

And a couple of lorries for good measure:

truck in Minsk

truck in Minsk

In case you hadn’t noticed: in Minsk, even the lorries are clean.

next in the Belarus series


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