Victory square, an oval in Minsk

It’s been several posts since we’ve seen a grand square, so let’s see another one. Even though Victory square (Peramoga square) is oval.

Like Nezavisimosti square and Oktabrskaya square, Victory square is on Nezavisimosti avenue. Among the three, this one is the furthest to the northeast.

The obelisk was put up in 1954, on the tenth anniversary of the liberation of Minsk, and an eternal flame was lit in front of it in 1961. Heads of state, newly-weds and so forth do the appropriate things here (lay wreaths, have themselves photographed), though I didn’t see any.

At the very top is a red Victory order marked “СССР” (ie SSSR). There’s elaborate carving near the base. I wish I’d remembered to see if there are any traces of how (as claimed by Nigel Roberts in his guidebook to Belarus) “[Stalin’s] profile was quietly and without ceremony transformed into Lenin’s ear”.

Victory monument

Victory square, Minsk

Victory monument

Victory monument

There’s an elaborate subway (in the British sense) under the square. Its centre, and one entrance to it:

subway under Victory square

Victory square

After a sudden downpour:

Victory square, Minsk, after the rain

next in the Belarus series


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