A Grozny photo project needs you

Grozny – Nine Cities is an emphas.is project by Olga Kravets, Maria Morina and Oksana Yushko on Grozny. It’s been almost a decade since the ruins of Grozny largely disappeared from most countries’ newspapers, but of course people there live on, and these three photographers have been hard at work. I like the results that I’ve seen (samples here and here).

The photographers asked for $7500 to finance work for “an installation consisting of a two and three screen multimedia essay and prints, a web-documentary, and a book”. They’ve only got two more days to bring the sum of $6170 up to $7500. I quote the “How it works“: A project has to reach 100% or more funding by the end of a set deadline. If a project fails to reach 100% before the deadline all contributions are returned to the backers’ accounts.

Not that I want to boast, but I’ve already stumped up a sum of at least $50 for this. I want to see the eventual photobook. Maybe you’d like to see it too. And so . . . Give them your money!

If you’re not used to emphas.is: It’s much like Kickstarter. You pledge so much, and you are eligible to get certain goodies. Actually with emphas.is you don’t just pledge it, instead you give it; and if the appeal falls through (for this project, if the total doesn’t reach $7500), you’re refunded. The interface isn’t quite as slick as Kickstarter’s, but it’s all pretty easy.


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