Watabe Yūkichi frenzy (not observed yet)

Thanks to all the praise the works of Watabe Yūkichi (such as Alaska Eskimo) have been getting, and my hot tips on where to get Alaska Eskimo cheaply, an auction I pointed to attracted so much interest that this copy of Alaska Eskimo attracted a total of zero (0) bids, ending up unsold at ¥1600.


2 Comments on “Watabe Yūkichi frenzy (not observed yet)”

  1. TM says:

    Hi there,
    Thanks so much for your articles on Watabe Yukichi. I managed to find Morocco for dirt cheap. A very impressive book. At the same time I found Kayabuki Tōkyō: Furusato no zanzō for a very reasonable price as well. No such luck with Alaska Eskimo – it was re-listed starting at around ten times the original price by the time I looked. Anyway, just wanted you to know that I appreciate you bothering to write up your hot tips and great reviews. Thanks!

    • microcord says:

      TM. I’m sorry that copies of Alaska Eskimo are expensive. All I can say is that cheap copies were plentiful a very short time ago. It seems that interest within Japan in Watabe is advancing from negligible to minor, so average prices aren’t likely to fall back down in the short term. Still, if you’re patient, something may turn up.

      Here in Microcord Mansions I have piles of review-worthy books but I don’t have much time in which to write them up. Still, a review of a Japanese book published just this year is centimetring along the pipeline.

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