Nikon ordered to show Ahn Sehong’s photographs

On 22 June the Tokyo district court ordered Nikon to do what it said it would do, and show Ahn’s photographs. (This Mainichi story is one of several that report on this decision.) Nikon does not seem happy, which is not surprising as its employees will probably be subjected to harassment and amplified wobbly natsumero tunes from the loony right.

I look forward to seeing the exhibition, wearing earplugs if necessary.

If Nikon puts on the show with good grace, I might buy a Nikon camera. No, wait, I really don’t need another camera. Well then, Nikon spectacles or whatever.


3 Comments on “Nikon ordered to show Ahn Sehong’s photographs”

  1. Si Barber says:

    Yes this is good news, but we need to keep the pressuyre up. Here’s a statement from Ahn –

    “The court released a provisional disposition today and we held a press conference.
    The court ruled that I am fully allowed to utilize the Nikon Salon facilities.

    Nikon has made an objection.

    However, I will carry the photo show on the June 25th as planned!

    Right now, the Japanese right-wing/uyoku groups are beginning to strike back. Their threats are getting much more serious”.

  2. Mandoflex says:

    Nikon salon program page has not changed yet – still claims the show is cancelled. How will I know if the show is up or not – don’t really want to go to Shinjuku in vain.

    • microcord says:

      Yes, does indeed still say “Ahn Sehong’s photo exhibition has been cancelled based on a number of reasons. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused concerned parties.” I’d guess that on Monday Nikon will either change its mind about this or issue some statement.

      Of course I hope that the exhibition goes ahead.

      Damn, it turns out that Nikon stopped making — or “making” (having its name applied to) — spectacle frames in 2008: . I’ll have to buy something else from them — IFF they decide to do the right thing and show Ahn’s photos.

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