10×10 Japanese photobooks in NYC, and another 10×10 not in NYC

If you’re in NYC at the end of September, drop into ICP for a lot of Japanese photobooks, and three impeccably trendy Japanese photo magazines.

It’s billed as 10X10 Japanese Photobooks, and Phot(o)lia explains. Simply: 10 specialists select 10 books each for a pop-up reading room of 100 Japanese photobooks that coincides with the New York Art Book Fair. By my count, twelve specialists, so duodecimal notation.

And then: 10 online Japanese photobook specialists and bloggers recommend 10 books each for an additional 100 books of interest. I count thirteen specialists and bloggers. Yow, tridecimal notation!

One of those thirteen “specialists and bloggers” is Microcord. Being somewhat lazy, I’ll introduce just ten books. (I’m working on it, honest.)

Coincidentally, I’ve also received a second and I think unrelated invitation, viz:

Great Web page, Preserve the great work. Thank you. Also please cover carburetor cleaner ingredients in the future

If the person in charge would kindly inform Microcord, Inc of who my fellow C [base-13] specialists and bloggers would be, and details of a tie-in with a suitably prestigious event in one or more of Paris, Milan, London and New York, I’ll have my staff let you know my decision.


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