twenty-plus reasons why I can’t give you a “top photobooks of 2012” list

Yes it’s “let’s congratulate ourselves on our acquisitions” season. But perhaps I shouldn’t make my own list. There are probably enough already, and every additional list might bring more grief to Marc Feustel. Plus I haven’t seen anywhere near enough of the books I already know that I want to see. (This year, I haven’t even once ventured into any bookshop outside Japan.) So here’s my pretty useless these look interesting but NB I haven’t actually examined any of them list for the year.

Feel free to click on any link. Rest assured that none goes to Amazon, the Book Depository (i.e. Amazon), Abebooks (i.e. Amazon), Shelfari (i.e. Amazon), or Junglee (i.e. Amazon). (Because no I’m not, and don’t want to be, an “affiliate” of Amazon or any other corporation.) Although some of the links do go to publishers that may have become divisions of Amazon while I wasn’t looking.

Copies of two of the above are already on their way to me (from Canada and Poland). And I hope to see more of the others in the new year. So far as I can judge from little JPEGs, they’re all quite a bit more rewarding than some of last year’s top of the critical pops and than over 90% — but not all! — of the photobooks and -zines coming out of Japan.


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