another new photo magazine

However implausibly, the Japanese photo magazine business is alive.

After Ima and the reappearance of Kaze no tabibito comes Shashin gahō (写真画報). I don’t see any indication of when the second issue is due, but anyway the first is just out. This devotes sixty pages to photos by Araki and sixty to photos by Sanai. There are also short interviews and other odds and sods (all in Japanese only), but essentially it’s a slim A4 book with a lot of photos by each of two photographers. Yes, a photo magazine rather than a camera (or “lifestyle”) magazine.

Both Araki and Sanai already have plenty of photobooks available, so I’m not entirely sure why this particular issue of the magazine is needed; but I found myself looking through both its halves. I ended up putting the magazine back on the shelf, but I’ll certainly look out for the next and subsequent issues. And if you want a collection of Araki and Sanai’s photos, you’ll get value for money right here.

You can see the magazine here on its publisher’s website. Like a fair number of Japanese magazines, the issue has its own ISBN: 978-4-7683-0417-4.


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