Russia puts the clock back

The Sochi Project’s website has been revamped (English; Dutch), so that it displays what must surely be the content of the upcoming book, An atlas of war and tourism in the Caucasus. (If the Sochi Project is entirely new to you, then for a quick introduction try this at HuffPo.)

Rob Hornstra (photographer) and Arnold van Bruggen (writer) have already produced a book about the north Caucasus that for me is the best photobook of the year so far. But Rob can’t return to Russia (even for an exhibition starting less than three weeks from now), because his visa application has been turned down. (Arnold’s application is still being processed.)

Read about it here at RIA or here at the Calvert Journal. But not about the reason for declining the application, because no reason has been supplied.

If I knew any Russian diplomat, I’d ask about this matter.

Meanwhile, I’m reminded of a much older book.

Edgar Mowrer, Germany puts the clock back


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