I’m in Tokyo and I still have some spare electrons lying around. For now, here’s where I’m directing them:


I thought I’d first stick up some of my own humdrum summer holiday snaps. So I started with Minsk (where I only spent four days) . . . but got carried away with this. The resulting content isn’t very bloglike, and rather clashes with WordPress.com’s unavoidable (I think) presentation of posts in the opposite order to that in which they were written. If you’d like to skimread the material on Minsk, you may wish to start at the beginning, “to Minsk“. At the bottom right of the entry (but before the “Leave a reply” stuff, etc), you’ll see a link, “next in the Belarus series“; click on that to get to the next entry. And after you’ve skimread this second entry, click on the link “next in the Belarus series” at its foot . . . and so forth. But don’t look at more than three or four entries in a row: if you did, you’d nod off. Still, if you return later to this tab in your browser and persevere, you’ll see most of the expected clichés of tourist photography in Minsk, and perhaps also a handful of non-clichés as well. And toward the end there are leads to books that are more or less about Minsk and that are far better than what’s here.


I write about photobooks (and other books). I originally had in mind a concentration on Japanese photobooks, but this hasn’t come about yet.

In my photos of a book, I’ll show what’s necessary to inform, but not enough to preempt; in particular, if the photographer or other copyright holder presents the images on the web, I’ll point you there.

I’m irritated when a notice I see of a book gives only sketchy information about it, and so I try to give ISBN numbers and other information that should help when looking in a library or attempting to buy. When a link to (or information about) a particular retailer seems useful, I’ll give that too. In one of wordpress.com’s own “about” pages, there’s talk about the possibility that wordpress.com will add advertising links pointing people to amazon.com and the like. I’m happy not yet to have noticed any of this. If you do notice any, then the advertising isn’t my responsibility — aside from my acceptance of wordpress.com’s terms of service — and I don’t benefit from it and I don’t want to benefit from it or anything like it.



If you think that my taste is lacking or that I’m imperceptive, yes, you’re right. But when I give information I do try to be accurate and helpful. If I’ve got something wrong, please let me know.

Japanese names

“Hepburn” romanization (or the revised/modified version thereof) is dreadful, but the only established alternative (in two slightly different flavours, “Kunrei” and “Nihon”) is so unfamiliar to most potential readers that I hesitate to use it and I instead settle for Hepburn (unless the owner of the name has an established alternative).

Personal names are in their original order. If anglophones can handle surname-first Chinese names, they can handle surname-first Japanese names.

Macrons are where they ought to be.

I’m not going to take this to extremes: I’ll write “Tokyo” rather than “Tōkyō”, etc.

“social media”

When I remember to do so, I disable “Show likes” and “Show sharing buttons”. A number of reasons for this that don’t concern me, and at least one that does, are comprehensible even through the excited write-up in “[http://jimlynch.com/internet/the-soul-destroying-pestilence-of-social-media-buttons/”>The soul-destroying pestilence of social media buttons“.

Want to email me?

Thinking humans are free to use the form below. Perhaps I’ll reply! (Spambots will notice a blank following “don’t write anything here” and will, I hope, put something there. Note to humans: Don’t write anything there.)


5 Comments on “About”

  1. Your message on Photocommentary led me to your site — thanks for your interest in Crash Burn Love. I’m curious how you found out about it. I know a couple of cases were shipped to Japan a few years ago, did you happen to get a copy over there? If you don’t happen to have a copy and would be interested in writing something about it on your blog, send me your address, I supplied my email below.

    Keep up the good work. I’m going to read your stuff and check out the links on your site.

    • microcord says:

      Thanks for writing. I certainly do have a copy — yes, I saw it at some Tokyo bookshop (I no longer remember which one) and got it then. I might write about it later; certainly more people should know about it, because I think a lot of people would enjoy it. No offense to all the fine demo derby participants or to their sport, but I had no interest in them or it until I saw your book. But now, if I were to go to the US, I’d look for an event.

  2. Gabriel Benaim says:

    Just found your blog, really enjoying all the Watabe posts. Any idea where I can get Alaska Eskimo? Also, there’s no contact link on your site.

  3. Sean Breslin says:

    One of my favourite blogs. I wish you’d post more often.

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