day-to-day life in Asakusa, Ikegami and South Wales

Asakusa Zenzai, Kayabuki Tōkyō, and the Day-to-Day Life of Albert Hastings
When Dan Abbe invited me to contribute my list of the top ten of 2011 to the 2011 street level eyecurious Japanese photobook extravaganza blowout, I was flattered but nonplussed. It was easy to come up with ten I liked, but hard to come up with more than three that thrilled (and of which no more than one was by any one photographer). Thinking that I might have forgotten this or that masterpiece and wanting to jog my memory, I took a quick look at the website of every photobook publisher I could think of. No, no masterpiece there that I’d forgotten — but there was word of a book I’d never seen but that looked good: Asakusa Zenzai (浅草善哉), by Koga Eriko (古賀絵里子). Read the rest of this entry »


four photo shows, and probably one more

A mild headache yesterday was my excuse to knock off work early and go to a couple of photo shows. And with no particular excuse today I saw a couple more. Read the rest of this entry »