ippiedom worldwide

Jörg Colberg has made a video of Tad Wakamatsu’s photobook Ipy girl ipy; you can see it here at Hatje Cantz’s website. NSFW!

There are indeed plenty of inexpensive copies of this book in Japan. (Try for example a search in Mandarake for “Wakamatsu”.) But it will never be easy to find elsewhere. After Steidl’s “Protest box“, perhaps one of these indefatigable German publishers could produce a “Japanese girlfriend box” (wives welcome too): books by Araki, Fukase, Ueda, Wakamatsu, and more.



Wanibuchi Haruko in “Ipy Girl Ipy” by Tad WakamatsuIpy Girl Ipy popped up when I was idly looking through listings for photobooks at Yahoo Auction (in the āto shashin and not the josei tarento section, honest). I’d never heard of the book, its photographer or its model, but it was going cheap and the sample page spreads looked interesting so I sprang for it. It arrived a couple of days later. Read the rest of this entry »