Arif Aşçı’s “İstanbul Panorama”

Arif Aşçı’s “İstanbul Panorama”The recent Thames & Hudson book Street Photography Now is a mixed bag, but among its gems are panoramas of İstanbul by Arif Aşçı. I had to see the book from which they were taken.

Aşçı’s İstanbul Panorama has now been lying on my sofa for a long time, and for a simple reason: the floor seems unworthy of it, and there’s nowhere else to put it. It’s 34 cm high and 49 cm wide. Here it is with two other books; observe how it disappears into the distance. It’s thick, too: plenty of photos inside. Read the rest of this entry »


Kikai Hiroh’s Anatolia

Kikai Hiroh, "Anatolia"In a career of over 35 years, Kikai Hiroh has pursued four long-term projects, each (with rare exceptions) black and white: portraits in Asakusa (with no distracting background), urban scenes in Tokyo (with no distracting people), India, and Turkey. But while early installments of each of the first three appeared in Camera Mainichi (†1985), Turkey started later: Kikai’s first visit there was in 1994 and the earliest appearance I’ve found is in Asahi Camera of April 1997. And while each of the other three series was the subject of one or more books by the end of the century, the Turkey series got its first book only this year, with Anatolia. Here it is. Read the rest of this entry »